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Door Entry System


Door Entry System
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What is a door entry system?

Making doors easier to handle

A door entry system is a piece of technology designed to make the process of entering or exiting a home, apartment, or building as easy and secure as possible. These systems serve as a guardian for the entrance, helping users maintain their independence and providing a layer of protection for those who need it most.

The benefits of door entry systems are truly life-changing.


For the elderly and disabled, these systems offer newfound freedom by eliminating the need to struggle with traditional locks and keys. Users can grant or deny access with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.


These systems also deter unwanted visitors, enhancing safety and reducing the vulnerability of those who are more susceptible to intrusion or fraud.

Types of Door Entry System

Audio Kit

Audio kits allow for two way speech and consists of an external door panel with call button, and an internal handset.

The audio kit can be combined with an automatic door opener, to allow users to release and open the door to visitors once they have confirmed who is at the door.


  • Call button with illuminated name plate

  • Surface or flush mount door panels

  • Smart line handset with lock button and 3 position call tone volume control

  • Connect up to 3 handsets per call button

Video Kit

Video kits provide an extra layer of safety, by ensuring the user can visually verify who is at the door before allowing them entry.

These are provided with an external door panel with call button and camera, as well as an internal video phone. 


  • 1 & 2 button video kit

  • Surface or flush mount door panels

  • Up to 4 videophones per call button

  • Intercommunication between videophones

Telephone Interface

This 1 button kit allows calls to be answered on a standard BT type wireless telephone, removing the need for a dedicated intercom telephone, and allows the user to answer both telephone and door panel calls from the same handset.


  • 1 button audio kit

  • Surface or flush mount door panel

  • Uk telephone interface allowing calls to be answered on a standard BT compatible handset

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